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March 08, 2007


sarah the kiwigirl

My mouth is hanging open...who would do such a terrible thing....can't believe someone who obviously is an art person or they wouldn't be in the store and knows how much time and a persons soul goes into work like yours could do that!!!! Hugs!

Sofia Greer

that's pathetic
whoever you are, you must be ashamed of yourself...
do you honestly have ANY idea how long my mom has been working on that book for?!
absolutly ridiculous.....
so unbelievable....

i CAN'T believe that someone so pathetic as that would do such a thing
i mean honestly!
has anyone ever heard of that happening before

congradualtions whoever you are...
you're the biggest idea on the face of this earth....

tanja maduzia

I am beside myself in disgust with this woman, who had the gall to engage in a lengthy conversation with me, act as though she were interested in taking classes (and had scoped out our website before coming in...knowing exatly what she was looking for!)...a total premeditative thief. I am sick about this loss.


dear Helle - this is SO very strange - I am truly baffled. To STEAL something with so much heart and soul - what might be this person's heartbreak that they must take away so selfishly something that was given with such heart-felt-ness to SHARE?

I don't get it.

hugs dear one - try to find a smidgeon of compassion - it may be hard - perhaps it will be returned - envision THIS - perhaps it was BORROWED...

xox - eb.


OH Helle! I just cant even imagine how you are feeling right now. I am SO SORRY! I just cant begin to even think that there are people like that out there! How could they ever even look at that book , knowing what they did? It's a little piece of you, your family , your art. I'm so sorry friend!

Andrea S.

I am so sorry this has happened to you. What would make a person do something like this is beyond me.
I hope it is returned to you safely and soon.
hugs xo

jenny holiday

Helle, oh my goodness! I am just so so sad about this. I just keep shaking my head side to side. Really really sad. Do the gals at S&S have any idea who may have done it?

It truly is baffling to say the least. Something so personal as scrabooking and journaling...??? so crazy.

So so sorry about it all. I truly hope it is returned safely.
Best Best Wishes.
xoxo Jenny

corinne delis

Helle I am so sorry to hear this that something this awefull is happening to you. Why people do this is beyond anything I can understand and I do hope you will get it back!



Oh my God, that's horrible.. I'm so sorry to read that. I truly hope this someone realize what they've done and return the book.


I am so angry for you. That is a very bad person that took it. Those are your memories not theirs. This is pathetic is nothing sacred anymore. What a shallow person that took this. I hope the karma fairy comes around real fast and get's them. It would be very nice if their guilt wouldn't let them sleep. I hope it appears soon. Please keep us posted. I am sorry for your loss


Shame on them! I am so sorry this has happened!


Bastards! I hope you get it back my darling...To take something so personal and such a cherished item is beyond me...I will say a little prayer that you get it back...I am so sorry for you!
love you lady...
kiss kiss

suzi finer

Dearest Helle...
The book has not yet been returned, and I am so sorry. I can only send you my love and wishes for retribution for this lowlife. She has soured what was to be a wonderful St.Patricks experience. Thank you for not letting her random act of evil ruin everything; I am looking forward to the rescheduled event (and spending more quality time with a good friend!)

Lilia Meredith

Ohhhhh that is sad!!! Dont worr too much I have a feeling you will somehow win in the end you are a great gal!!-Hugs

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