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June 27, 2007



What FUN! I so love that spoon with a nest! Hugs

jessi nagy

Helle ,
what fun!!! I wish you were coming here to Omaha for "silver bella"
. It's going to be a blast! Maybe next year you can be one of our teachers! That would rock. If not, just come and play.
The Spoons are to die for! I love all of them. Jealous!
jessi nagy



Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! Maybe the Bella's could come to the East Coast sometime??!!!

Kim Caldwell

Thank you for letting me relive all the fabulousness by posting all these great pictures! I was so happy to finally meet you and can't wait to check out your happenings with Michelle in SD!!

Kimla Cotropia

Helle, Thanks for posting all these yummy pics!! I love your projects and I really dig your Popeye t-shirt and cool belt. Girl...you are a style queen!!


Hey there Helle! It was so much fun meeting up with you this week! I was so lucky to see your gorgeous art work! You are quite talented my friend! Loved shopping and having lunch too. Keep in touch!


Well! I am simply drooling over all the wonderful pretties! Scrumptious! And you cute lil' Danish triplets look so cute with your matching blonde hair and spectacular spectacles....you really could be related!

Kim Johnson

Next time we need to have employees so we can shop and play!

Karla Smith

Helle, love all the pictures. Lots of fun memories, indeed! Very friendly gathering of talent.


Kimberly Kwan

(big, sloppy kisses!)

Carolyn Peeler

Glad you had a fun weekend!

I miss you and Michelle already ;-)


Amazing to say the least.. how fun!
Thinking of you RE:Sally xo


sounds like a fab weekend,
don't you wish every weekend
would be like that?

hope you are feeling ok
with regards to your cat..
wishing you strength.

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