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July 23, 2007



Helle, you come up with the cutest! Did I ever tell you that MY birthday is in September? LOL!!! ;-)


Your hat is wonderful, Dahling, and Foofy colors, no less. Red rose? Did you make that beauty? Carol

Paula Martone

love, love, love it. taking orders?! kidding. Miss Foof herself will love it and by the way I must say I read your blog all the time. YOu have such great style!!


Oh my. It is so beautiful. Look how cute you look wearing it too. Wasn't this fun???


Aren't you adorable in that party hat!!!! What *pretty paper*!!!! Thanks Helle....you are such a dear. Kiss Kiss!!


Look at you! You are sooo cute in that gorgeous crown! LOVE the flower!! Still waiting for that little girl pic you were sending me to make your cards!! hugs, mendy

Carolyn Peeler

This is ADORABLE Helle. I'm sure Miss T loves it!

We missed seeing you at the MF booth at CHA!!!


just found your blog today...looking at your pictures is so fun...you just look like someone that everybody wants to be friends with! :)


Also just found your blog, love the crown, its so festive and yummy!

Maija Lepore

Sensational hat, Helle!!!

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