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May 21, 2007



Happy birthday dd...lol, ok, Im sitting here looking at everything BUT the car, the house and flowers are georgeous, dd's dress is adorable as is her cute hair-do and smile! OH...and happy 100th. Tracy


Happy belated "Sweet 16" Sofia!
How time flies...remember when they were just mere babies? Good she's not in a hurry to drive. My son got his license at 18! will be looking forward to your next post...happy 100th!!! Hugs

suzi finer

Who's the pretty girl! Happy Happy Birthday...words of wisdom from this old broad: take chances, try new things, even bad experiences end up happening for a reason. Love to you!!!

AND...Happy Blog-niversary! 100 cool, interesting, funny, lovely, heartwarming posts from a gal with a heart of gold!

Michelle M White

I can only imagine YOU driving that car!!! Watch out La Jolla! What a fun day! You are a great mommy!!!!

Michelle A.

love your blog. love your style. come check out my blog and tell me what you think.
Michelle A.

PresentPast Collection

Happy Sweet Sixteen to an adorable girl! Those car poses are so cute!


Happy Birthday Sofia!!

How HOT is that car!

Oh, and Happy 100th post!!


Kimberly Kwan

Happy b-day to your baby girl!
She is beautiful, and seems like she's got her head on straight, too! (Probably from all those breakfasts in bed! ha!)

I bet you got some looks sportin' around town in THAT baby! We used to have a blue Ferarri cnvertible and I was so darned nervous every time I drove it - it never amounted to much fun! ha!

I wanna win! Put my name in the hat, sistah!

Lilia Meredith

Wow , you are so in trouble with that beauty Helle!


Sounds like a fun day! You are a special Mom to listen to the wishes of your sweet and beautiful daughter.


Yay!! I've missed you Helle!lol Your daughter is so beautiful! Happy 16th to her!
Oh, I can totally see you driving that! Go mama!lol


Happy 16th Birthday to your daughter. She is a beauty!

Susan Tuttle

Happy 100th.--and how nice that it coincides with your daughter's birthday!


Daisy Cottage

Oh, Sofia is ADORABLE! Just adorable! What cute, cute pics these are! Happy Birthday to you Sofia and Mom, you've done good!


Happy Birthday, Sofia! You are a beautiful girl! Your name is really pretty, too. You look great in front of that yellow car...even if it isn't yours, LOL!
But, maybe someday!

Andrea S.

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! And happy 100th post to you!


What a beauty! Happy Birthday to her! Throw my name in the hat!!!! Please.


I miss those days... ahhh to be young again and know what I know now! LOL! I tagged you for a to-do list show and tell on my blog :)

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Happy sweet sixteen to your beautiful daughter!!!!!
And congrats on your 100th!!


yummy cute - put my name in your hat please - and boy would I like breakfast in bed - ya got me goin there girl - xox -



oh and congrats on your 100th - I'm within 1 or 2 - love ya

xox - eb.


Oh what a pretty lady your daught is Helle! She sparkles just like you. Tena

jen duncan

Your daughter is a delight! And what a bonus that she's not too anxious to drive! I literally got my first ticket ON my 16th BD...four and a half hours after I got the license! :O

Karla Smith

Happy 100th! Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter. I'm daughter is 17 now. School is out in two weeks and her Senior year will kill me if we don't break down and help her buy a car soon. One day at a time! Can't wait to meet you at Sparkle Bella.
Karla Smith

Karla Smith

Opps, I meant to say.... My daughter is 17. Your daughter is adorable.


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