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June 05, 2007



What a gorgeous little teapot! Thanks for brightening my day with pretty pix :)

Michelle A.

I've wondering where you have been. The end of school is rather busy. Friday is the last day for my daughter so I'm out tying up "nonfun" loose ends. I hope my name is draw.

Karla Smith

Looks like you've had some fun gathering some treasures. Can't wait to meet everyone at Sparkle Bella soon.


Love the treasures! Your site is so inspirational. Thanks!!


Lovely site, lovely photos, lovely teapot. How do you get your daughter to pose for you?


Lovely teapot! You are such a good treasure hunter!!! Glad you are back.


OH me! I have been wanting some sweet vintage scrappy stuff!! Thanks for sharing...we stalk you even tho you are out for a bit!!


Oh wow! What a beautiful teapot and such a bargain! I love the lines of the teapot - the handle is gorgeous; very Art Deco-ish.

I have a teapot collection and this little beauty would sure make a nice addition to it (shamelessly hinting.....)

What a treasure hunter you are! Wowza! :)

Sarah / Marvellous Mouse Designs

Cheryl Comfort

You found a box full of treasures! On a blog I was poking around in a while back, I saw they had put a spool of thin ribbon into the pot and had it coming out the spout...just thought I'd share that just incase you'd like to do that with your extra one lol :-)


I LOVE garage sales, have picked up some really sweet finds over the years! That teapot is just gorgeous!

Kimberly Kwan

french general
french general
french general is DIVINE!

(beauteous pictures of your loot!)


I am so glad you are back. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Wish I was closer to take your class this weekend at Sweetpeas. Maybe some time. Have a great time...


I love the teapot! Was it a Coronado sale? All of the silver is fantastic! Diane


Beautiful teapot! I hope one of these days I will be able to come to LA and visit Sweetpeas & Snapshots. Thanks for sharing.


Love it all AND it is my birthday week!! Maybe I will get lucky~ Your blog is great and I think you look like you would be so much fun to hang out with!!!


You're vintage paper looks beautiful!


Oh! Oh! Oh! I am a tea-a-holic! I have a collection of tea sets and tea pots...I cannot tell you how much I want to win!!!! AND the vintage stuff!!! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!!!

I am a crafter and a collector since forever! I sure wish we were neighbors so we could go collectin' together! Thanks for sharing!


So,so, cute! What a score! Lurk your blog all the time, never fails to brighten my day with all the prettiness!


Ohhhh, (fingers crossed for luck) love the goodies! you scored with a bargain, my friend...have to love those garage sales!


I'm a little teapot short and stout...
Here is my handle...
Here is my spout!

Oh soo lovely! What a wonderful find!
Happy day!
xoxo Jill


Glad you're back! I missed you on here :) Thanks for the blog luv too :)
Missy Ballance

Michelle M White

You are "the Queen" of fun things!!! Boy does that silver look beautiful...you have been busy!!!


oh yes - I have missed you and what a delight - to come by for a visit and find this surprise! So kind and generous of you dear Helle - oh yes this is yummy - thrifting, flea marketing, a la brocante - its definitely the good weather - no?

xox - eb.

Prairie Home-Sherry

New Post!!
BARN SALE...next event!
Hope to see you!!!

Alisa Logue

Thank you for your generosity. Your blog is so inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. -Alisa

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