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August 20, 2007



Helle, such goodies! the chandelier rocks...and loving that skirt too! gotta show us with you wearing it!!! hugs.


Oh, great inspiration!! Am loving that handbag a lot! LindaSonia

Sarah / MMDesigns

Wow! I am loving all of your Denmark posts. You really should work for their tourist board because I really want to go now! Everything is so gorgeous, but I love the thermos flasks and the teapots best.

Looking forward to more pics! :)

Vicki Chrisman

Oh Helle.. every one of these pics are just to die for. Yummy stuff all around! Thanks for sharing the beauty with us!


So many yummy photos! Sounds like you had a great time. Love your new do!
Glad you are safe!


oh long sighhhhhhh....so many pretties! I agree the skirt is fabulous!!! You had to get it, had to! Just wear heels with it!


Your photos are BEAUTIFUL-I feel like I've just taken a wonderful shopping trip! I love all the wonderful colors and patterns-thank you so much for sharing!

Rita Weiss

What completely fun inspiration. I"m on the next jet to Denmark!


Such great eye candy! Lovin' the butterflies for some reason...I think they just prove what I already knew; if three is good, a hundred is better! ;-) Thanks for sharin.

Michelle Cummings

Thanks for sharing all that great inspiration with us!


LOVE those butterflies!! Yep--that girl is gorgeous--I love that skirt, too!! Where did you find one? Your new "do" is super cute on you!! YOu look like you have lost more wiehgt, too. :)

tongue in cheek

The colors of heaven, yes paradise, your world is inspirational. Love the skirt too!!

Amy Hubbard

I am madly in love with the birdcage and butterflies. I must make my own for the bedroom? not enough people would see it there. Oh well, first I will find the birdcage then the spot.

And who would have thought a thermos could be so pretty.


That skirt is fantastic!

Kimberly Kwan

such fun photos and you're right...I'd hafta buy that cute skirt, too!

love the new glasses...and that tank-top looks liek Hambly??!??!?!?!

miss you!


The Green Gate stuff is so damn cute! I'd buy one of everything if I could! Love your new haircut too.....


I could only dream of getting to see all these beauties firsthand. Thanks for sharing your pics.

jenny holiday

Ohhh Helle!!! Ok....so the CANDY is here on your blog!!! WOW! eye candy deeeeluxx!!! My gosh!! everything is soo edible!!

Oh and your new look is FABBBB!!! Really loving it! perfect cut for you!!

that skirt is killler!!!! WOW!

So much good stuff!!!

xoxo jenny


WOW! Love it all!! The skirt is incredible! I know you will look fab in it my friend!

Flea Market Queen

Fun, fun, fun! So much to see, thanks for sharing...

Carolyn Peeler

What beautiful pretties these are!
Love, love, love that skirt. I can see why you just had to get it :-)

Counting Your Blessings

Oh please, please tell me how I can get one of those skirts!!! Blessings... Polly

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