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September 17, 2008



Hey Helle, I too have a penchant for doors! The photos are wonderful, as always, I look forward to your August trips home. Thanks for taking us along! Can't wait for the next series of photos...((hugs))


I love what I see of your blog so far! It's getting late and Cold Case is on, but I look forward to visiting again tomorrow:) your photos are so lovely also !

Michelle M White

I'm so jealous! The clothes, the stores and Green Gate! I MUST go next time. Plus I want to meet Gitte!

jessi nagy

o my gosh
all the pictures are fabulous.
you look so cute.
eeekkk all those little kitties. yummy!!!
glad you had a fab time

Lyndsay Breid

Oh my ...

I've never had a desire to go to Denmark, but after seeing these photos - I'd leave tomorrow if I could! Such beauty everywhere.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Carrie West

Great photos! Looks like you had fun!!!
YOu look great btw!!!


i am in love with thes pictures! the clothes, colors, fun housewares! i'm in love! must must must go to denmark in the future, it's now officially added to my list of places to go. haven't been over to papertales in a while, i must stop by soon to see you girls!


ohmygloss....I've been waiting for sooo long to see pix of your trip. What a delight! The architecture is amazing. I want to go there with you next time!! Thanks for sharing your pix Helle, I know you are a busy girl. So lovely. Off to look at them again!


Beautiful pics Helle! I'm so jealous! so glad you got to have such a great trip.


I would have to take all those pretties home with me! Beautiful thank you for sharing. Grace


Thanks for the virtual trip to Denmark! I want that cabinet and all its contents. The architecture is so cool - from the mailboxes to Tivoli Gardens.

I'm glad you to hear you have such a fond, loving memory of your dear grandmother to carry you through missing her now.

Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

Thank You Helle!! What a wonderful adventure!! I loved all the pics. but my favorite is the bunny head mannequin!!! Viva La Vintage Rabbit!!!!!



I must say that I have never had the desire to go to Denmark before, but that has all changed now. Holy cow, it is AMAZING! Thanks for the pics!

Hanne from Heaven & Earth

Det ser virkelig ud som om du har haft en dejlig tur heltil. Sjovt at se Danmark lidt "udefra". Og godt du havde så gode stunder med familie og venner. Det er i allerhøjeste grad den slags øjeblikke, der er værd at samle på!


hi helle
i know i've dropped in & out over the years as i love your blog. tonight i just spent so much time reading through old entries & jumping over to the shop blog--wow, what inspiration!
need to add you to my blogroll so i can get over here more frequently.
such a fabulous blog

jenny holiday

I seeeeeriously cannot even handle how incredible these pics are!!! Oooh my gosh!!!! Love love love everything!!!

Ohh how I wish I could visit Denmark!!!!

Hope you are doing GREAT!!!
xoxo Jenny

robin dudley-howes

Hi Helle
I am so happy I found your blog. I was born in San Diego, live in LA now and have several friends from and living in Denmark. My hubbie is a shoe designer and has traveled there several times on business and loves it. I haven't gone yet but will some day. I love your blog!


Anne Alley

OMG, your pictures so brightened up my day!! I lived in Denmark 15 years ago, and it was one of the happiest times of my life. Your pictures just brought back all my happy memories!
Tusind tak!!!


love love your pics girl!!
(love love that 2-tone shirt!!! so dang cute)
thanks for your comment :-)


How did you manage to just not load up your suitcase right then and there with all that goodness! My gosh...

helena santos

Adorei o seu blog!
I love your blog!
Principalmente o armario com a quela loiça linda.!!!!


followed from kelli's blog, i was wondering what brand of jeans you have on in the picture of you standing by that cool mailbox? they are so cute, would love a pair,jenifer


Denmark is in many ways like Holland... thank you for sharing these wonderful images! Makes me miss 'home' :)

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