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December 11, 2008



I am super sad to hear this. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Believe me when I say...I know how that feels...


Oh Sweet Helle, I'm so sorry to hear about that. One of my dearest friends is going through the same thing. I'll be praying for you!

Maija Lepore

I'm so sorry your life is troubled right now!
You children are beautiful!


Big ((hugs)) are going out to you dear friend.

Monica Robinson

May the Lord comfort your heart while you go through this. He will see you through it as long as you ask him too.

God bless, Monica

Joy @The Vintage Rabbit

Helle....Hugs to you and your Children!!

Merry Christmas!



Sorry you are going through this...I have been divorced too and it is not easy. I send you good wishes. Take extra care of yourself... lot's of bubble baths and hugs.

Carolyn Peeler

so sorry to hear that life's currently being rotten to you! You've always been such a positive force in my life, so hoping that I can pay it back to you by being supportive of you right now.

I'll keep you and the kiddos in my prayers.


sister... i'm thinking of you and i know you're a strong woman who will get through this even stronger! you're right.. take care of you and your kids first. love ya and take care!!


Hey Fabulous Lady,
You are held in my heart, with big hugs, big lattes and big cocktails. You will come out of this on the other side and "in the pink!"
Maria - Carly's Mom

kristen robinson

Helle you are in my thoughts may you find healing moments with your children close.


Sweet Helle. I'm holding you and the kids in our prayers.


May the lord be your rock and comforter....he will lead you through the valley, holding your hand all the way. I have been through the "D" thing. I understand what you are going through. Please know that I will be praying for you and your children. Blessings...Julie


So heavy-hearted for you as I read your post. You and your lovely children will be in my prayers.



My prayers are with you and your children.

diving Boracay

Well, I understand. Your responsibility as a mother is more important. I hope your family will be safe always and God bless!!!

Pam L.

What beautiful precious children. You have the world right before you. I am sorry for your struggles and heartaches.
Enjoy your amazing gift from God, blogs will be here. Wishing God's blessings in the New Year.
Merry Christmas.

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